Parody and Evolving Supermen

Hey guys! For today’s post we read All-Star Superman, a Superman graphic novel and “Superduperman”, a Superman parody from Mad magazine.

Reading through “Superduperman”, it is so hilarious! It is way more edgy and provocative than I expected it to be, and I think it really does address some of the “ify-ness” of some of the real Superman’s actions within his comics. I really enjoyed all the little jokes, such as when he when to go change in a phone booth and it was already occupied. I also think it is really funny how the comic portrays the Unknown Monster/Captain Marbles as actually being stronger than Superduperman, and only being able to be defeated by himself. I think this is such a strong parody as it just exaggerates the realities of the Superman comic. In reality I do think he is a little creepy towards Lois, as well as generally just lucky as how he defeats villains, and this comic represents that so well.

I also loved reading All-Star Superman. It is a graphic novel from 2007, and yet I think it really still holds up to the original spirit of Superman. While the original spirit is still there, I do seem to notice a few differences between the older Superman comics and this newer one. One difference I can really see is that there is a lot more of the character Clark Kent seen in Superman. By that I mean that Superman doesn’t seem to be 100% confident and separated from his Clark Kent identity. Especially in Episode 3 when he reveals himself to Lois Lane. She doesn’t believe him, and as Superman, he begins to act like Clark in order to get her to believe him. Superman in previous comics doesn’t seem to be too concerned with how he is perceived, but this 2007 Superman does. He also spends a lot less time as Clark Kent in this version of Superman. It isn’t until the very end of Episode 3 that we even see him as Clark. Throughout the rest of the graphic novel he very rarely appears as Clark, mostly appearing as Superman, maybe explaining why Superman displays so many more qualities of Clark than before.

That’s all for now! Thank you for reading! Feel free to post questions or comments!

Parody and Evolving Supermen

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