Batman as a Commodity

Hey guys! This post is about the essay we read entitled “’Holy Commodity Fetish, Batman!’: The Political Economy of a Commercial Intertext” by Eileen Meehan. I found this essay to be fascinating. I know many people that subscribe to the view that Batman media is reflecting the opinions of the culture, but after reading this essay I see how it is all just a business. It makes me a little sad that the various things about Batman are all centered on a business making money. To me it takes away form the magic and creativity of Batman. As I am thinking more about this, I too believed that Batman’s various media were reflective of the culture. It makes sense that things are produced in order to become a “mania sweeping the country”, but I thought that the production would be following people’s opinions. Rather, this article explains how people’s opinions and desires follow what is being produced. The popularity of Batman would be nowhere near what it is today without the production and marketing tactics of these corporations.

Consumers being in control of the demand of the market is what I believed, until reading this essay. Now I can see that really it is the corporations that control both supply and demand. The business behind Batman created an incredible demand by using some limited supply products and some products with a larger supply. This tactic caused consumers to jump on the limited supply items; a tactic that effectively created a desire that hadn’t been there previously.

All in all I thought this essay was very insightful and very interesting to read. I’m glad I now know more about the commoditization of Batman and how the market is not driven by the consumer, but rather the producer.

That’s all for now! Thank you for reading! Feel free to post questions or comments!

Batman as a Commodity

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