First Floppy Post

The current serial superhero floppy I chose to read is Batman and Robin. The issue that I just picked up is for April of this year. It is already on issue 39, but I figured it would be okay to come in at the middle and see where the comic is. I also chose this one in order to compare it to the early Batman that we have been discussing this semester. As I began reading I took notes on things that stood out to me. Coming in to the comic 39 issues in I found that I had a lot of questions about the relationship between Batman and Robin. There were things that they did that I was unsure about. I also wasn’t perfectly clear about what would be already known in the Batman universe, because I am not super well versed in Batman lore. I will first give a brief summary about what happened in the comic, and then I will explore my thoughts and questions about it.

Issue 39 of Batman and Robin begins with a group of creature villains. Robin appears and ties them up and attempts to teach them a lesson. He flies up into the atmosphere and tells them that he will throw them into space next time. Upon their descent the rope breaks and the creatures begin to fall. Batman then arrives to save the falling creatures and reprimand Robin. The page after this goes to Bruce and Damian fishing. In these few pages Damian refers to Bruce as father, and the two have an exchange about how Damien got his powers, the chaos silver, and reference his mother. After that there is a page of Alfred and Batman doing tests on Robin where they notice that although he mentally feels invincible, his body is experiencing the effects of his powers. Batman and Robin then go out and fight guys who are stealing military prototypes. A few pages later they go to the Justice League Headquarters and begin a mission with Superman and Shazam.

Reading this comic was so interesting, but also confusing. My biggest question is: Is Bruce/Batman Damien/Robin’s father?? Both Damien and Robin address both Bruce and Batman as father, and I am unsure of when this started in the timeline of Batman and Robin comics. I was always under the impression that they weren’t actually related. I also didn’t know that Robin had legitimate powers. I thought he was like Batman in the sense that he was just very skilled. I have never heard of the ‘Chaos Silver’ before reading this, and am also unsure about when this came about within the Batman lore.

The one thing I don’t necessarily like about this comic is that Superman and Shazam are in it. I am not the biggest fan of the Justice League because I like my superheroes to be separate. In my head Batman and Superman are very different, and I don’t really like when they team up. I realize that this is a very unpopular perspective, but that’s how I feel about these particular heroes. When it comes to X-men, Fantastic Four, and Marvel I don’t really mind those superheroes being combined, but I have an aversion to the Batman/Superman partnership. I am very excited to read the next issue of this comic and see how Batman and Robin are able to help the Justice League. Maybe it will even change my mind.

That’s all for now! Thank you for reading! Feel free to post questions or comments!

First Floppy Post

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