Wonder Woman

Hey guys! For today we read The Wonder Woman Chronicles Vol. 1 and an essay by Gloria Steinem titled “Wonder Woman”. Before reading both of these, I had always known about Wonder Woman. I don’t remember exactly when I learned about her, but she has just always been a part of my conscious, much like Superman and Batman. I was never really into Wonder Woman as a kid. I never read her comics or had Wonder Woman merch. I’ve seen references to her old TV show from the 1970s, but never really known anything about her other than that she is a superhero. Now, after reading her comics and the essay about her I have a whole new appreciation for Wonder Woman. I had no idea how progressive she was at the start! In my head, I imagined her being like most other comic book women, that is weak and in need of saving. I know she is the hero of her comics, but I still felt that somehow they would’ve still made her dependent. I was very pleasantly surprised that she was not only independent, but also outright feminist. I love all of the comments she makes at the end of each comic, like on page 96 where she says, “I can make bad men good, and weak women strong!”

The essay by Gloria Steinem was very interesting to read. She has such a great way of explaining what great things Wonder Woman was able to accomplish, but also point out where her contradictions were. I loved that it included information about the author, whom I expected to be female, but was actually male. Charles Moulton wrote Wonder Woman for six years before he died in 1947, and unfortunately after that Wonder Woman began to lose her feminist edge. He was a brilliant writer and if he had lived longer I believe that Wonder Woman would have continued to stay strong and powerful. I do agree with Steinem about the issues Wonder Woman creates by putting women superior to men. I think in reality, this shouldn’t be the case and is a difficult form of feminism to find hard support for; however, in the context of the comics I think it would have been very difficult to portray equality, especially when Moulton was already writing against the status quo. If he, or any one, were writing this comic now, it would be a lot easier to portray equality of the sexes because there wouldn’t be a need to over compensate.

That’s all for now! Thank you for reading! Feel free to post questions or comments!

Wonder Woman

One thought on “Wonder Woman

  1. Great post! I absolutely agree that Steinem pointing out Wonder Woman’s contradictions was very important in truly understanding her stance on the comic book industry as well as society. I like you found myself appreciating Wonder Woman much more after learning about her influence in the comic book world.


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