Fantasitc Four

Hey guys! For today’s post we read a lot of different comics on the Marvel Comics online database. We read the beginnings of the Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, and The Incredible Hulk. The comic that really stood out to me was the Fantastic Four #1. This comic discusses the origin story of the group. It was very interesting to read, because I have heard the stories of Spider-Man and The Hulk before, but never the Fantastic Four. The beginning of this comic seemed a little strange as it just jumped right into the action, and then had to backtrack in order to tell of the characters’ origins. I found it very odd that this random group of people went into space and then were each affected by the “cosmic rays” so differently. Each of the four’s individual superpowers are really so different, and make for an interesting team.

Within this first comic I also found it interesting how openly they were talking about real political issues, like on page ten when Susan Storm talks about going on their space mission before the commies beat them. It makes sense for the time period; I guess I just didn’t realize just how explicit comics were about those issues.

Another thing that stood out to me was that each of the characters named themselves. Their superhero names aren’t just given to them, they explicitly say “I’m calling myself…”. With these superheroes, it is easy to tell that the genre has already been around and so there is more of an understanding to being superhuman than there was with Superman or Batman. They are able to speak from outside of themselves and recognize that they are super human compared to how they were before. Because of this they are able to name themselves and band together without a lot of fear or anxiety of being different. The characters, as well as the audience, are easily able to accept them as their superhuman selves.

That’s all for now! Thank you for reading! Feel free to post questions or comments!

Fantasitc Four

One thought on “Fantasitc Four

  1. Erna Mitaishvili says:

    Fantastic Four was one of my favorite comics of the reading too! There was something about it that was less “cheesy” then a lot of the earlier ones we’ve read. I didn’t even consider the fact that the characters really ARE all different, in terms of their superpowers, yet, they all stick together to create a superhero team. Perhaps that is why this was interesting read because instead of the comic revolving around one autonomous character, it revolves around four different ones (one of which is a female). The characters are all different, in terms of powers and personality and therefore it is a more relatable comic due to its variety.


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