Spider-Man #33

Hey guys! For today’s post we read Amazing Spider-Man #31-33 and Fantastic Four #45-53. These comics were written later than the ones we looked at for the previous post. I want to specifically look at Amazing Spider-Man #33. It was a very interesting story, as Spider-Man was helping Aunt May by finding a serum to keep her from her blood decaying due to radioactivity. I thought it was such an interesting issue because it includes both Spider-Man and Peter Parker in relation to Aunt May. I also thought it was cool how Spider-Man had to fight Doc Ock and his masked henchmen. Throughout the comic as Spider-Man is trying to escape from Doc Ock’s underwater hidden hideout he constantly talks about losing strength. He seems beaten and tired throughout the whole comic. I thought it seemed out of character, as I always imagined Spider-man as being tougher. I think that his loss of strength was meant to parallel the loss of strength in Aunt May. Because both of their blood is radioactive at this point, it would make sense if that connection is made. I do wonder though why Aunt May was affected so negatively by the radioactivity when it is the source of Spider-Man’s power. I think that this helps reinforce how special Spider-Man’s power is. It can’t just manifest in anybody, even if his or her blood becomes radioactive. I really like this story because it shows both the vulnerability of Spider-man, as well as his uniqueness and strength.

That’s all for now! Thank you for reading! Feel free to post questions or comments!

Spider-Man #33

One thought on “Spider-Man #33

  1. I too was drawn to this particular issue of ” Spider-man” because of his vulnerability as you put it. I feel as if he is the most relatable hero we have encountered in this class, because like most of us he is transitioning from teen into adult life. He is stressed by financial burdens, class, illness, basically life in general. He is that stage in life where one realizes how harsh everyday life can be. It’s refreshing to see a “super powered” hero who gets that it’s difficult to persevere in everyday life without special abilities.


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