Floppy Post #2

Hey guys! This is my second floppy post on Batman and Robin! Unfortunately the newest issue of the comic wasn’t available when I went to get it from the store, so I backtracked a bit and got the two comics that came out before the one I did my first post on. This post will be about Batman and Robin issue #37. In this comic, from what I gather, Robin/Damien is dead, and Batman is attempting to get the sliver of chaos shard that he needs in order to bring Damien back to life. In this particular issue Damien is never mentioned as Robin, as this is before he has powers. Throughout this issue Batman is battling Darkseid and Darkseid’s son. Batman has the help of Batgirl, Cyborg, Red Robin, and Red Hood. These characters and their relationship to Batman are not explained in this issue. I personally have never heard of Red Robin or Red Hood. I am not really sure where or when they come into the world of Batman, but they seem to be very minor characters. Their action in the comic is separate from Batman’s. They are in support of him, but they don’t really interact until they are going home. Continuing with the plot, Batman defeats Darkseid and gets the chaos sliver, although it almost kills him. He must use full power in order to get it and bring it back to save Damien. Upon their return, Batman’s suit, at full power, is close to self-destruction, but he must power through in order to save Damien. Somehow through great red and yellow illustrations, Batman is successful in bringing Damien back to life. Once he is alive, somehow Batman is no longer wearing his full suit (no mask) and is now there to greet Damien as Bruce Wayne, Damien’s father. The second to last page is a picture that takes up both sides of the page. On one side are Alfred, a dog, and the “Bat Team” (as I have named them), and on the other side of the page are Bruce and Damien hugging, with light white/orange flame like thing coming off of Damien. The “Bat Team”, Alfred, and the dog all have shocked looks on their faces. Bruce and Damien are smiling, Bruce’s face looking a little like Tom Cruise. The final page of the comic consists of a few panels with everyone seemingly relieved that the chaos sliver worked, then on the other side of the page Bruce/Batman has collapsed and Damien is screaming, “Father!” with a greenish full moon behind him surrounded by bat silhouettes.

The panels in this comic are very interesting. They are not cookie cutter at all. Each page has different size panels, or no panels, or characters breaking out of panels. It is a very dynamic comic, which makes it feel more engaging. It is interesting how many people are credited for this comic. I think that the different people’s input definitely adds to the dynamic element of the comic. There is a writer (Peter J. Tomasi), penciller (Patrick Gleason), inker (Mick Gray), colorist (John Kalisz), letterer (Carlos M. Mangual), and collaboration on the cover by Gleason, Gray, and Kalisz. This multiplicity of input makes for an incredible story. Each panel is brought to life through the different styles of each of these guys’ creative skills. I just find it very cool!

That’s all for now! Thank you for reading! Feel free to post questions or comments!

Floppy Post #2

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