Final Floppy Post

Hey Guys! For this post I read Batman and Robin Issue #38 for March 2015. It is the comic in between the two I have already blogged about. It is an interesting perspective, to read it knowing what had just happened and then also knowing what is about to happen. In this comic Robin and Damian both strive for trust and independence from his father. He wants to prove his powers are enough, and that he can be trusted to go out on his own. Batman has a lot of one-liners about parenting in this issue, including “Fair doesn’t start until you’re twenty-one” (Gleason 10). By the end of this issue we see Robin encounter his villainous mother in a dream, swim to the depths of the ocean to visit Aquaman, and release his mutant siblings, created by his mother, onto land. At this point I wish I had brought Issue #39 with me today in order to re-read, as I believe the mutant brothers Robin releases in this issue are the ones he must “teach a lesson” in the next issue. Looking over my blog from #39 it appears as though Robin may be dealing with these same creatures, but I cannot be sure.

Of all three comics I read, this issue was by far my favorite. It was interesting having Robin coming into his own with his powers and seeing Batman unsure of how to handle it. I really enjoyed the writing of this one, as Batman has some great lines. I also like that it gives us more information and background on Damian’s mother, and how he came to be. I for one did not know she was a villain until this issue. She wanted to create him to be a monster, like his siblings, but she failed and Batman won. I like seeing more about Robin’s story, as I know a lot more about Batman. One issue this comic raises for me though it that it appears to be way more about Robin than Batman. Batman makes a comment about him and Robin’s relationship saying, “Haven’t you heard? We’re the dynamic duo” (2). This sounds sarcastic to me, as throughout the issues I’ve read, Batman and Robin are not working very well as a team, and most of the plot seems to revolve around Robin. I wonder why this comic isn’t just about Robin, as in the title doesn’t necessarily need to include Batman. It could just be the issues I have happened to read, but Robin is getting way more panel time than Batman. I would be interested to see how as this comic goes on if Batman and Robin are able to learn to work together better. It could be that Robin hasn’t learned to harness his power yet, or it could be that Batman hasn’t been able to fully accept Robin with his powers yet.

Also, another thing I just noticed about these comics is that they all have “THE NEW 52” written on the covers. Batman’s original comic issue, when he was introduced, was Detective Comics #52. I just made the connection that this comic is trying to be a new start to Batman. I wonder if the first issue in this series included Robin, because if it includes him from the beginning, it would be a new way of telling Batman’s tale.

Overall I really enjoyed reading this comic, and I think I might continue to read it even after the class ends, as I want to see how the continue to grow the relationship of Batman and Robin.

That’s all for now! Thank you for reading! Feel free to post questions or comments!

Final Floppy Post

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