Mayday Mayhem: The Superhero!


Madison Flame was an ordinary government spy. She went on secret missions in order to protect the lives of innocent people. In working for The Spy Force, Madison was able to do just that. The Spy Force caught wind of an illegal chemical being developed that could allow for people to shape shift in order to physically enter the internet, and maneuver themselves into top secret government files. Madison Flame was assigned to the case to stop the evil twin duo Mischievous Margaret and Dangerous Dan, nicknamed MaDa, from transporting the illegal chemical (IC) to their lair. She boards their plane in hopes of hijacking it. As they are flying though, the plane begins to malfunction, a plan set in motion by MaDa. They have rigged the plane to crash so that it would look like they had died, while in reality they jump off the plane with parachutes in order to safely get the IC to their lair. Close behind is the illegal chemical, also rigged up to a parachute, set to land in another location for the Twins to go retrieve. Madison grabs the IC just in time for the bottom of the plane to open up and drop them out. As she is falling, she realizes the parachute is not functioning. Holding on to the IC she does everything she can to help soften her inevitable fall. Due to her spy training she is able to move around enough that the trajectory of the fall doesn’t have as much impact as it would if they had fallen straight down. Right before they are about to hit the ground the IC container bursts open due to the weight of Madison and the fast shift in atmospheric pressure, dousing Madison in the chemical. As soon as she is covered, and only inches from the ground, Madison is able to stop the fall completely and hover in mid-air. She then realizes that something has changed within her. She now has super powers! Thus begins the adventures of Spy turned Superhero, Mayday Mayhem!


Mayday Mayhem can shapeshift into anything she wishes. This ability comes from being doused in the illegal chemical, which was developed to give the ability to shape shift enough for a human to go into a computer/internet. She also has the ability to fly, which comes from her flight and fall leading up to her transformation.


Her mission is to serve people and protect the country. She began her career as a spy prior to gaining her superpowers, so her mission is the same as she has always believed, but not she is able to better achieve her goal.


I have pictures of Mayday Mayhem, but I am currently experiencing technical difficulties in uploading them. I will attempt to post them in another post!

Mayday Mayhem: The Superhero!

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